Tuesday, February 11, 2014

75.2# at 13 months

Our sweet Mister continues to grow and I am so curious if and when he will stop. Certainly, one day, he will stop. Right?!

Haddie was in and out of the Vet probably just about as many times as Kolby has been. She was for different reasons that spanned the course of our 18 months together. Kolby's visits have all been at the beginning of his life with us, ending with a fixed-operation. Let's keep it that way, I love being vet-free.

But considering the extensive surgery he had to get the job accomplished (which was out of the normal procedure of a puppy to be fixed), you would think that he would dislike the vet, or at least have no reaction to the building.

Nope, not Kolby. I have never seen his tail wag so fast and with so much power and emphasis than he does when he visits the vet. I will need to bring one of my Teens along to video tape the next time he visits; it really is fascinating and so darn cute!! Not sure what that means about his personality ... ha!

Today's weight check clocked Mister in at 75.2 pounds and he continues to be all legs. I just love his solidness and his height. It suits him well to uphold his weight of love and wisdom.
After the weigh-in we ran errands at a few stores before the rain settled in for the evening. I love having my buddy accompany me. Whether we are working commands only, or practicing just being with me as a Service Dog would, he is nice to be around.

One of my favorite parts is getting "hugs" by Kolby when we are standing still. He will lean his head gently into my leg, I will fluff his ear for a few seconds, and then he will detach. Nothing obnoxious or intrusive, just a friendly - Hi Mom - type of gesture.

Gone are the days of hoping Kolby could just last long enough to go in for five minutes before heading out the door, gone are the days of distractions, gone are the days of carrying him in, around, and out of buildings, gone are the days of treat rewards like Pez dispensers to keep his behavior on que.

Here are the days of hours worth of outings, here are the days of solid behavior with treat rewards when we exit the store, here are the days of focus, here are the days of a confident teen puppy walking by my side matching eye contact throughout our journey.

Kolby. 75.2 pounds at 13 months.

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