Tuesday, January 28, 2014

No Swimming, Kolby

Today's Kolby Adventure took us to our local Aquatic Center. It wasn't very busy, a weekend will prove it to be crowded, but it was a good first experience for Mister. I liked how the front desk worker just smiled and said Have Fun when we walked in. No questions, no worries. It was great.
There was a family of six in the public swim section, and then three lap swimmers. We sat in the bleachers in front of the kids playing with their dad first. Kolby was very curious and attentive to the kids' screams and giggles. Here is proof.
When that became no big deal for Kolby ...
We moved to the Lap Swim section of the pool. He was used to the echo noise of the building and the smell of the chlorine, so he just laid down to watch. He was adorable as it looked like he really just wanted to join them. Oh, that would have been so much fun!
This video shows that Kolby was checking in with me, but would also watch the swimmers in front of him. I like how his head moves with the swimmer.
We went back to the action of the family in the pool. The second time through he just laid his head down to watch. And then he just closed his eyes and fell asleep. He was so calm throughout. He is ready for the crazy loud noise of a weekend Public Swim session.
No Swimming, Kolby - we are here to watch ... and sleep.

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