Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Kolby!!

Dear Kolby,

Happy FIRST Birthday!!! I know by your constant tail wags and silly grin that you have been having the time of your life this past year. From the moment you entered this world you were destined for big and amazing adventures. We are so happy that you are our little puppy to train for Canine Companions. We knew the moment we saw your puppy picture that you were just too cute with a glimmer of wise in your expression. You have held true to our first impressions.
Kolby, you have a definite comedic side to your character. I wouldn't say you are completely silly, because you are also so wise and don't miss a thing in life. But you have this way in your wiggle that makes your all-legged body flip and flop like an uncoordinated toddler. I am not sure if you will ever outgrown that, and part of me hopes you never do. It adds character and smiles to all who see you bounce, pounce, tip, and topple through life. You get this way the most when you are playing and having fun.
There is also the very serious side of you ~ any time you are wearing the Canine Companions Yellow Vest. You take life seriously when you need to, but can easily snap into your personality when someone new is simply talking to you on outings. You wag your tail, stare longing into their eyes, and communicate - "Keep talking. You are being too sweet. Ahhh Shucks, really? I'm that handsome and smart? Go on ... "
You love socks. You will find a sock no matter the location; in the couch, in the hamper, in the closet, in boots, in the dryer, etc, etc, etc. You find socks when we don't even know we were missing socks. You also love to carry anything in your mouth, although if we try to offer you something to Hold, you tend to look at us in all seriousness with a "Really?" face. You would prefer to choose what you want to pick up, and carry, than to hold anything we offer. Which is fine, as technically you are to save all that Holding training for Advanced Training. We don't train you on it, we just offer it to you and let you decide.
This picture is a good example. You would not hold the Birthday Bag for a Sweet Photo Op for anything. So my girl attached your favorite thing to hold, your keys, to the bag. It worked, but the photo is nothing like we had pictured it would go in our mind. Again, this is so you.
You have always walked perfectly on a loose leash, you love to be loved, your paws are your favorite character as you really enjoy showing them off (and we have found you admiring them far too many times), you always lick your food container after you drink your water, you came vocal but have learned to only Speak when asked, you continue to stretch for five minutes upon exiting your crate every. single. time., and your favorite thing are car rides (you will sit up an entire ride and enjoy your window view). You know your commands and are always eager to put them to use. You thrive when you are asked to work, and we are so happy that you are so happy.
Kolby - you are one healthy, wise, smart, funny, loving Seventy-Pound Puppy in Program and we are so honored to say we are your Puppy Raisers. We love you and we wish you all good things this year, and in life!

Your Puppy Family


  1. Happy Birthday Kolby! I have seen Jet sit in that exact same position on the stairs. Cracked me up! They must be long lost brothers!