Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cabela's and Outlet Mall

The Chapter that we are associated with for Canine Companions is rather large and encompasses a vast area of mileage. It is not uncommon for many of our regular class-attending folks to live in opposite corners of our metro-area. When you find friends with whom you click it is then a juggling act on calendars and distance to figure out a time and a place to gather for a fun weekend outing. But it is so worth it!!  
Yesterday my kiddos and I enjoyed such an outing with two friends and our Puppies in Program to Cabela's and an Outlet Mall (which was ginormous and a place we will return for next year's school shopping). The pups in attendance were Merced; a 7 month old sweet girl with inquisitive eyes and her Raiser's fifth, sixth, seventh (I lost track!) puppy. And Helaine, a 12 month old adorable girl who is Kolby's girlfriend. The two always remember one another and find some way to kiss and throw googly-eyes at each other during their meetings. They are so darn cute together (and you think I am making this up!!). 
What happens on our outings when the puppies are just really solid and amazing? A lot of talking between the Raisers. Which is equally as important because the dogs are learning patience. Patience to hold their command until we Release them to keep walking. We had the pups work on Up, Jump, Under, Down, Roll, and lots of posing for pictures which is hit and miss. Both Helaine and Kolby see a camera and immediately turn their head the opposite direction. Merced is pretty confident in front of the camera - Lucky Puppy Raiser!!
I would love to find a way for the three of us to Puppy Raise siblings so that we start together on day one and go on many outings together. We would see the progression of the pups being all squiggly and wild in public, and then morph into these solid, calm puppies together. Wouldn't that be neat. 
We had a lot of head turns and attention drawn to our three pups together, and it is rewarding to add communication about Canine Companions with the public when they come over to pet and talk to our Puppies. 
Puppy Outings - either solo or with friends is a rewarding and relaxing adventure!

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