Saturday, January 18, 2014

Strangers and Photoshoot

I remember when Haddie reached that stage in training where everything just seemed to fall into place and daily outings were less about the challenge and more about just being together. Kolby has reached that spot. We have done the errands and outings to exhaustion, and now it is clear we must step up our game to find the challenging spots in life. That will be the focus of our remaining months.

A first happened recently when a complete stranger stopped Kolby and me to provide her diagnosis that my puppy was injured. She apparently followed me into the large one-stop-shop and had continued to follow me for about five minutes ... because she said she had been watching us closely. She was matter of fact that his back left leg was not working properly as he was not putting any pressure on it.

I had Kolby do a few turns and walk forward and backwards for me while on a long leash. Still not seeing what she had claimed, she pointed it out while he walked. Seeing that I had a person who was certain she knew more about my puppy than I did, I just thanked her in my most sincerest tone and hoped she would leave. She did.

Nothing was wrong with Kolby.

He just walks like a horse; both left feet together, both right feet together, left together, right together. That makes for a very swinging, sloppy, swaying look to his walk. Add in his long legs and skinny body, and you got yourself one Teenage looking boy!! A double check by our Trainer that same day, and Kolby is fine and the style in which he walks is fine too. It means nothing to his health or ability. Some dogs just walk this way (including one of our trainer's facility dogs). But thank you very adamant stranger.

While I seemed to have many outing photos of Haddie, I have very few random outing shots of Kolby. Mainly due to the coloring of him, versus the coloring of her, it does not bode well with photography without the perfect lighting and camera. My out-dated "smart phone" does not qualify as a "smart" camera. So, instead, we have many, many photo shoot ops of our Mister thanks to my daughter who is enjoying her natural photography talent (and soon to be enrolled in Photography class next Semester).

I will sign off this post with just a few of my favorites from the most recent photo shoot.

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