Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Camping Kolby 2014

We broke out the RV from storage and went camping for a quick two night trip. It is always fun to get-away for the weekend with the kids while school is still in session; the short weekend trips are just enough to boost the energy and make it to the end.
We went back to the first camping adventure spot that Kolby had last year about this same time. He was only a mere four months old and he did fantastic. A year later and he continued to shine in behavior.
4 months
16 months
My girl fetched him a walking stick early in our adventure, and Kolby carried that stick everywhere we walked. He was so proud of that stick, as if he had won an award for being the most handsome and wisest puppy-ever. High stepping with tail wagging; he was certain that everyone was coming out of their RV's and Tents to take a look.
The dock is a favorite place to snap photos and a great training tool for Kolby. It swayed just enough for Kolby to need to be okay with it, and the water under neath was a good distraction too. Thankfully, it was not an issue and we enjoyed a long while soaking up the sunshine and hanging out with boaters going in and out of the lake.
At one point Kolby decided that he just wanted to give me some love for taking him camping, and he crawled right into my lap and kissed my face. He is such a good dog. Whatever his path will be, he will shine.
As the sun grew more intense, the water was looking awfully good to Kolby as he inched closer and closer to the edge. I think if I had approved, he would have gladly jumped in. Call me uneventful, but I didn't want to then have a soaking wet dog lounging in the dirt and pine needles back at camp, nor in our RV. I will save that for another time; whether with us or his forever family.
Kolby enjoyed his spots in the RV where we asked him to maintain a Down. He had amazing self control and did fantastic sleeping on the floor with blankets, not in his crate, for the weekend. A first that we tried and he succeeded. Yay - one less thing to pack on our road trip to California later this summer.

Kolby is definitely a camper!


  1. Kolby reminds me so much of Cassius! Sticks are the best thing ever, and getting to carry one around is even better. He's not particularly find of retrieving things for play (which is hilarious because get & hold are some of his favorite commands), but if you throw him a stick he will actually want to retrieve it a few times (then he tries to eat it and I take it away since that worries me!)

  2. Heehee, that would be awesome if he was related to Cassius!!! So long as Kolby keeps moving, the stick is not murdered. If Kolby has the stick and doesn't keep walking, then poor stick. And I too have to take it away. Kolby loves Fetch, but doesn't get bringing things to me when he volunteers a pickup. Not too worried, Haddie was the same and she Graduated :)