Saturday, July 5, 2014

Too fast for me

Time is speedy and I am trying to catch it long enough to get caught up on blogging. But alas, I am finding it impossible and I just have to start on something!

Mister Kolby has had a lot of entertainment, new and old experiences, and a lot of fun the last month. I will do more justice to blogging upon my return from a week's vacation to our little slice of heaven on earth.

Kolby is currently at a Puppy Sitter's and it will take me a few days before my mind eases and I truly can relax and stop thinking about him more than a dozen times in a day.

Puppy Raising is really like having kids; when you go on a date with your husband, and all you can think about and talk about are the kids. This puppy is definitely personality-plus, and so to just send him off to his own vacation away from me and not think about him, is truly impossible.

Until I return to blogging, I will leave you with a series of photos that I took on the 4th of July. I think the photos are self-explanatory in some of his personality traits. From Hound Dog to Regal back to being funny all in a matter of minutes.

Love Mister Kolby!!!


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