Thursday, July 31, 2014

Another city outing

How did we get so lucky as to have the best puppy raiser friends? Last weekend we enjoyed another outing in the City with our sweet friend and her puppy in program. The only benefit of living two hours away from each other is that we get to enjoy the City which is the closest to middle as we can get; while still having something "to do".
The Aquarium. Our adventure was pretty amazing with the sea life that we got to see as humans, and expose our pups to at the same time. Kolby was interested in a Sea Otter that continued to swim past his face (below photo), but was less enthused by a River Otter that was full-on up in his grill on the other side of the glass. The River Otter became obsessed with Kolby and Helaine, while the two pups kept turning their heads and looking at one another as if to say, "Yeah, be jealous, River Otter ~ we got this thing called Service Work and we aren't impressed with your shenanigans." Our puppies were completely uninterested in this little guy who all the humans thought was Tote Adorbs.
Walking the busy, busy streets of the city proved once again that our puppies have been well socialized (we were unaware until we arrived, that there was a city parade later that evening which brought the crowds early during the day). Our puppies blended into the crowd and weaved between passerby's like a pro. We were beaming at the finality of a Summer Walk through the city with our two headed to college.
We were planning to eat our Seafood lunch on the Pier with the Gulls, but the enormous crowd of other like-minded lunch goers, and the intense heat of the sun, made us opt for indoor dining. Our pups were happy with our choice and immediately enjoyed their snooze under our table. There will be so many things I will miss about not having Kolby join us where we go, and having him by my feet while dinning out is kinda an extra special treat and very unique.
My friend and I were chatting days after this adventure; reflecting on the upcoming Turn In of our puppies. While we will be sad to see them go, and excited for the news of their decision to Graduate or come home, one thing we both realized ... both dogs are definitely ready for this next chapter in their life's journey. When you have a Puppy in Training who gets all the commands no matter the environment, who can blend into society, who can be playful when it is time and turn it off when it is not, who is going through the routine of being awesome ... then you know they are ready to up their game and try something new.
Helaine and Kolby are ready. They no longer needs us as Puppy Raisers, they need us as prayer warriors and cheerleaders for their next adventure. The biggest adventure and decision making time of their sweet, brave, young life.
To Kolby and Helaine ~ no matter your choice in placement, we are so very proud of you. Make your decision because of what you want in life, not what we want you to have in life. And while others may smirk that I am typing to two puppies, only Puppy Raisers in our position understand that you two know what we are saying, and know that it is your choice. Much love and Godspeed.


  1. Helaine looks tiny next to Kolby!

  2. What a fun outing for all of you! I cannot believe Mister is so grown up and already ready for AT! I've been thinking about y'all and am keeping your family in my prayers in the next couple weeks!

    On another note, is your town/city pretty PIT friendly/know what working dogs are? Just today, AGAIN, we went to a new restaurant that got so upset over Moray (they eventually let us stay after presenting our ID, and I think they may have even made some phone calls), but it seems like at least once a month we're having issues in public.

  3. Helaine is a tiny one - and she is two weeks older than Kolby!

    Hannah, it has been my experience and opinion that people are pretty open to having us visit. I have only been asked to leave once in all the times with Haddie/Kolby and that was my girl's Ballet Studio (of all places) because the secretary was freaked out about dog hair in the lobby. HA!! But otherwise, we have never been approached nor asked about our dogs other than the typical; where do you get the vest, how can I get a dog like that, what is CCI, what are you training him for ... but it is fun to hear just about EVERY parent tell their kids as soon as they see us, "Don't pet the dog - it is working!" That part is nice, that people get at least that much! And adults who want to pet but don't solicit always say, "I would love to pet, but I know it is working." And depending on my mood - I will volunteer for them to pet him, or just say Thank You. Thanks for your sweet words and sincere prayers, Hannah - we appreciate them greatly!!!