Monday, July 14, 2014

Kolby's Girlfriend

She is seven days older, about half his size, twenty pounds lighter, blonde and beautiful, and they have been in love since the day they met, March 13, 2013. 
Helaine and Kolby are headed to Santa Rosa in mid-August to begin their next Chapter with Canine Companions; Advanced Training. They have adventured to many different outings together, they have spent time at our house playing with "Purple Ball"; which they quickly figured out how to mutually hold at the same time, and they have been in weekly class together more times than not. They are the best of friends. 
Knowing that the two will be on campus together makes it more exciting to think about their next journey. Will they be training together? Will they be close to each other's kennel? Will they get to play in the yard together? Will they feel confident and strong knowing the other is there when their people are not? Will they Graduate together? 
In a perfect world, we would see them Graduating on the same date, to a single man and a single woman who meet during Team Training, surprised to find out that they are from the same city, and they instantly start a friendship-turned-relationship, get married, and live happily together ... all for the sake of our two puppies being now "married too" and living together for the rest of their long lives. 

Screech! Okay, back to reality. 

When Kolby returns to his birth city, I will not only be saying my Goodbye to my favorite boy, but I will also be saying Goodbye to a very dear friend. Helaine has been a sweet puppy that we have had the joy of watching grow from a wiggly, green eared nugget, to a strong, wise, and well mannered puppy. 
She has spent multiple nights at our house with her puppy raiser, we have seen her meet the next puppy that her Raiser will be raising for Canine Companions, we have seen her perform her best and work through new skills, my son and daughter had the privilege and joy of taking her to Fair last year, spending time on the bench with her, walking her through an Evaluation Course, and giving her lots of love. She is part of us, even though she was not our puppy to raise. 
Family. This crazy thing called "Volunteer Puppy Raising" is not about one puppy, but about many. And the funny thing is, there is always enough room in one's heart for all of them. 
Kolby's Girlfriend Helaine. I wish her lots of love and plenty of magical wishes for a fantastic journey. 
Love you, Helaine. 
So proud. 

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