Saturday, August 2, 2014

Puppy Inez and Kolby

Before any fellow readers get too excited that this might be an announcement of our Puppy #3 ~ this isn't it. This sweet, smart, and fun puppy belongs to Helaine's Puppy Raiser and her name is Inez.
She had just turned 12 weeks old and her Puppy Starter had a full day commitment that was not puppy-friendly (Helaine's Puppy Raiser is waiting for Helaine to go to College in two weeks before she takes Inez full time). The Puppy Starter of Inez is our great friend who lives ten minutes away, so it was a quick Yes and logistics set that we would keep Inez for the day. Unfortunately, Helaine's Raiser lives two hours away which is not conducive for a-quick-and-easy-last-minute-setup, otherwise for sure she would have loved-on Inez this day.
My kiddos were instantly sold and my daughter especially was all about chatting up our Puppy #3. While Inez was incredibly well mannered and easy to keep up with her command work, I was not having any of those "puppy feelings" that showed I was ready for #3. It is definite that at least one person in this family needs a break, and that one person is the person who is home with puppy the most, therefore, we are keeping our plan to have a break once Kolby goes to college.
That isn't to say that we are stepping out of Canine Companions. That will not be happening. Rather we will continue to volunteer with my writing work for the Chapter, and Puppy Sitting for Puppy Raiser's who need a short term break, or who have a day conflict such as Inez's. Puppy Sitting is very valuable, I have used many different volunteers during the raising of Haddie and Kolby. Each brought with them a new experience and way of doing life, and that is important for our Puppies to know how to behave and work no matter their location or person in charge.
Kolby didn't know what to think of Inez. He was sweet and gentle, but he definitely had a curious look when she romped around and wasn't too sure about her cuddling up to him for photos. His tail wagged (thankfully, and go figure) when she got on her back two legs to reach high up to his long ears for a little mouthy tug. Adorable.
If I play my cards right, we might actually get to Puppy Sit Inez for over night stays as she continues to grow (wink wink). If so, you'll be seeing her again on the Blog.

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