Sunday, August 10, 2014

The last home outing

I feel so far behind on this blog and I don't know why. I think it is because I feel like every detail about Kolby and his adventures with us needs to be said right here, right now; as if the memory bank is going to expire and I won't be able to share about Kolby ever again. So I will close the outing posts with this one. His last home outing.
Kolby Puppy Sitting Inez during a Long Down Stay
The last home outing was August 9th. We enjoyed our Chapter's Annual Picnic at a beautiful home that was large enough for everyone to enjoy the back yard and the kitchen with ease. It was a nice, calm environment to wish the Matriculating Puppies a farewell from our Chapter. It was even better enjoyed with our sweet friends.
My friend and I have enjoyed many adventures together, but the one adventure that continued to be on our Puppy Raiser's Bucket List was going to a Major League Ball Game, specifically our cities team that has been our favorites no matter the Season's Wins or Losses throughout the years. We are die-hard, forever fans.
We started planning our Summer Outings back in June. Scratching off some due to time constraints and plugging in others to the calendar. The game came up and we quickly rushed to the computer and had a convo via text to figure out what worked for both of us.
The baseball mojo was in line because the game that was the obvious choice was the night when our favorite Manager was being inducted into the Team's Hall of Fame. Of course we HAD to go and bring Kolby and Helaine. And it would work perfectly. Go to the picnic, carpool to the game, enjoy the entire day together.
And that is exactly what we did.
At this stage of training, there isn't much to share about the workings of our Puppies in Training because they are just that smooth. That isn't to say they are guaranteed a Graduate, but it means that they have completed their Puppy Program fully and successfully. The next stage of learning Advanced Commands and being under the direction and leadership of professional trainers is now up to our puppies. Our team work is complete and we have no regrets, no do-over wishes, and only positive, beaming pride at what we have accomplished.
Helaine and Kolby slept through the Hall of Fame ceremony and the first two innings of the game, they walked the pavilion of food while we gathered our choices, they returned to our seats to sleep innings three through eight, they watched the last inning of the tied up game, they watched the extra inning, they had more photo ops before we left, they walked the crowded city streets back to the car, they had their first Hurry break since leaving the picnic, they jumped in the car together, and they road back across the bridge where professional Fireworks were being displayed across the water.
A perfect day. A perfect ending. The last home outing.

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