Saturday, August 2, 2014

Walking just might be his favorite

When I say, "Kolby, do you want to go for a walk?" his ears perk quickly and his eyes grow bigger and he stares at me with his excited look. Then I move my feet toward the door and he quickly follows as if he just might be left behind because he didn't make it clear enough!
My daughter had the idea of traveling by car to get to our walking spot. A location not terribly far away but in a different city that houses a huge master-built community; where you have all the stores, elementary school, and houses in one neatly tight area in an otherwise desolate space.

This particular place is built on a hillside that once on top you have views of the two largest cities in our area that are miles away. The view is breathtaking.

Finding our parking space under a shade of trees, we got Kolby suited up and we were off, strolling among beautiful multi-million dollar homes. It was quiet. We saw a deer with two of her babies taking a similar walk down the sidewalk, Kolby saw them but didn't care, and they saw us and didn't care. We saw "Bear Safe" warning signs on mailbox outposts but thankfully did not see any taking a walk.

It was so peaceful. Simple. A perfect summer morning with Kolby. I will always remember his gentle walk on his leash, no matter the leach-accessory used, he does not pull, but follows in step with the pace of his person. I will always remember his panting up and down the sidewalk hills (it has been so beautifully HOT this summer), he was getting conditioned for his soon-to-be California Living. I will always remember our stops in the shade for water, his sweet nose drowning in the bowl I had brought in the backpack and coming up for air with water droplets creating his own masterpiece on the cement.

I will always remember Kolby. For our very simple adventures where he always made you feel like it was an excellent choice to bring him along too.

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