Wednesday, March 7, 2012

4H Friends

One of the perks of our local CCI Chapter is that we have a 4-H club associated with raising a Puppy, or having a Skilled Companion. It is a wonderful diverse mix of children, and four-legged-abilities. It is so fun to watch each child work with his/her dog, and see both the human and the animal grow physically and intellectually throughout the months. I love Tuesdays!!
Such a great team!
Tail Waggin' into a blur
Haddie figuring out
the loud noise
from the plastic
water bottle
filled pool
Last night my dear friend and her daughter joined us for class. They live around the corner and down two miles from the location of our classes. This is the friend that I posted about here; the one who I would love to be a Puppy Raiser too.  Having their sweet nine-year-old daughter come to class was not a calculated move on my part, honestly!! (wink).
I am so glad we get to share this 4-H and CCI journey with them. Our sweet friend was going to share Haddie with my son during class, but another 4-H mom saw quickly that the fun factor would multiply if our friend had her own dog to work.
An older 4-H member had arrived early for his class (4-H Club is one club, but we have two sessions to work the dogs by age group of the Handler), so rather than having his dog just wait around, this mom asked if our sweet friend could work her. He was super nice to agree, and off Freesia and our friend went for the next fifty minutes.
Our friends are animal lovers in general - supporting many animal organizations in a big way - but their heart lies first with cats where they love three at home; two are used for her and her sister's 4-H Cat Club. Last night was a new experience for our friend to work with a dog.
And she did AWESOME!! It was nice to see our Trainer step right in and give pointers where needed, and share some 101 basics with our friend. Our friend's authority improved and she handled the dog like a Pro!

Per her mother's email comment to me this morning, our sweet little friend went to bed asking, "Can we have a puppy?"  

HeeHeeHee- sorry, JH, but you have to admit puppies are soooo cute and your girl was a natural with all of them!  Maybe CCI will be in your future someday. Thanks for joining us last night ~ you are welcome back anytime!


  1. aw. so cute! she would make and excellent puppy raiser.

  2. Lisa - I think so too!! The entire family is just simply amazing. I know any of the puppy raiser organization would love to have them as part of their team. Maybe one day ...