Wednesday, March 21, 2012

one week ~ missing haddie

My life is crazy-busy right now, so I am actually thankful that Haddie "decided" to take her kennel vacation per heat cycle at this perfect time. However, that does not mean that I don't miss her.

1. I am sleeping in since I don't "have to" get up for Haddie at a certain time for bathroom break and breakfast and grooming and playtime before she heads to a down stay while I busy around the house getting a teen and a tween out the door. But, as a result, I am not necessarily showered and ready for my day by the time the kids leave the nest in the morning, causing a delay in getting all my crazy accomplished. I honestly miss Haddie's schedule!!

2. Haddie's bed is positioned between our couch and our sofa chair in our family room which has direct views from all angles of our downstairs living area. Her sweet chocolate eyes and furry yellow no longer peak up and over the arm rests while she is on her bed. Miss her curious looks as I move about.

3. Haddie's tail can spin in all directions, including in a complete circle like a helicopter. Her tail can thump against the hardwood floor and against our walls like a professional drummer. Her happy is missed.

4. Haddie will allow us to kiss her nose and not return the favor. To some this may sound gross, but really for those that have not kissed a dry, soft muzzle should - it is sweet. I miss Haddie's compliance in receiving our kisses.

5. The hugs, the companionship, the shadow, the looks, the goofy, and rowdy, the naughty, the calm, the perfect - I miss it all about Haddie.

I received a report from the Kennel - yes, I did send them an email to check in, but only after she'd been housed for five nights; I think that is pretty good and not too helicopter-mommyish.

The report was all stars of praise for her behavior and sweet nature. She is doing great and thrives on their one-on-one attention to her. She has learned the use of a doggie door to go outside in her personal dog run, which is excellent since we have no doggie door for her to practice at our house.

Haddie is also the dog of choice to follow the owner around the indoor kennels while she cleans them out and washes dog dishes. I can picture it now, Miss Haddie being her shadow. Wish it were me, the shadow part - not the cleaning part (smile).

Haddie will not have access to the public or other dogs for the length of her stay (minimum three weeks), so the kennel's attention to detail for her will be key. Haddie is used to going places and having Cora around, so I'm glad to hear she is accepting the change in her environment in that regard.

One week - missing Haddie - but it really is perfect timing.


  1. oh yep I guess first heat cycle comes right about now :P Hobart is starting to become a little more interested in his female class mates, and has started to become more and more of a sniffer!

  2. aw, I'm sure you really miss her. Can't imagine how it will be like when little Clara goes into season. What a nice place she gets to stay at though!

  3. I feel for you. Spark is spending a week away from me now and I miss everything about him. Can't imagine having to go longer then a week without him though! Hoping Haddie decides to come home as soon as is possible! :)