Saturday, March 17, 2012

4H News

It is bad enough to not have our cute, yellow four legged under our feet this week, but then to receive notification that 4-H may be cut in our area due to government funding was a blow we did not see coming.
3 mo old
The story is tangled and confusing, but the gist is that one of the biggest counties in our state have threatened (perhaps already decided) that they will no longer fund 4-H for their county. While this county is not where our 4-H group is handled, somehow because one county pulls out it affects all the counties. According to the 4-H or State guidelines, members can not cross county lines to enroll or re-enroll in another club in a different county.

Never mind the fact that we live in the county that is pulling their funding, and we have already crossed county lines to be part of the club that we are in when we original joined. Statements fluttering through the 4-H community is that we will not be able to register again for the upcoming school year because the county where we live no longer funds 4-H.

If the government decision becomes reality then the end result is that 2/3 of our club would have to exit 4-H come October. Therefore, knowing this part of the facts has caused our club to be diligent in writing to ALL the government executives and councilmembers that are part of this issue, and to the Department of Natural Resources and Parks for this issue.

Yesterday morning was a crazy whirl of email writing and Yahoo Group messaging. We are hoping to make our positive and stern voice be heard that ALL kiddos across ALL counties be allowed to participate in 4-H. We perhaps have a long, uphill battle to tangle with, but we are ready and willing to not give up.

Even though it is currently a negative topic, the process is a great experience for the 4-H Kids - hopefully, however, their voice will be accepted in the end.


  1. Oh my goodness! I have been in 4-H for six years and could not imagine not being in it! It is such a great program! In fact it was through 4-H that I first heard about puppy raising. I'll be praying that they won't cut it in your county!

  2. Oh that's terrible! I really hope they don't cut 4-H! I didn't even know they could do that :/

  3. Thanks for the support and prayers, Hannah! And Carrie, I didn't know it either, but the University Extension program that regulates the 4H gets a lot of funding from the Government. How the funding relates to kids' crossing county lines is confusing, but it does. Fighting hard.

  4. Duh, whats wrong with me today? The reason I commented was to tell you that I was in the exact same position last year (4-H in the county I was lived in was being cut, but my club was in another county). There were so many people upset about it, and they ended up keeping it! There's still a LOT of hope! :-)

  5. HaHaHa, Hannah!! That is AWESOME news and does give me a LOT of hope!!! Thanks for sharing. =)