Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fancy Pants

Haddie may or may not have tried on a pair of black men/boy underwear this morning (insert smile). My desperate attempt at getting her a chance to enjoy life outside of her kennel because ... Haddie is in Heat.


It is really amazing how much one can fuss with a well trained, well mannered, well behaved dog and the dog could care less!! Really, Haddie? You didn't mind the Hanes around your middle with your tail sticking out?! I didn't dare take a photo of you. I am not that cruel. You looked silly, Girl!! You are such an amazing puppy!!

It started on Monday just before I went into my longest stretch in teaching piano lessons. As a result she spent that time in her kennel, out for dinner and a quick Hurry, and then that was that until morning.

Today our Trainer contacted me and had a terrific idea. I so appreciate her awesome help that she always provides to all the members of our chapter. She is so giving and assertive in a very appreciative way.

See the deal in our area is that there are two kennel choices to board females while in heat for CCI. One is at the location that we use for our weekly classes, and with out giving any specific bad raps in Blogland, it's just not top-choice by many in our club.

That leaves the second choice - which is a total of 2.5 hours one way including a boat ride because it is on an island - from our house. I tallied my week and knew that Wednesday was the day to take Haddie, which meant that today was a day that I would just have to help her suffer through kennel-time at home - or underwear time (ha!).

Now let's add Snow into the mix of this schedule. That's right, March 13, 2012 it snowed in our neck of the woods causing a 2-hr school delay in many districts. My 5 hour commute round trip was not looking so awesome for tomorrow, but I vowed to not get stressed out or worry as 24 hrs could bring about a big change in the weather pattern.

As the snow fell out my window, as kids were buzzing about getting ready for school (yes, they had an extra 2 hrs to do so, but they left it all for the last minute per usual), I picked up the phone and chatted with our Trainer. She had a grand idea. There is a Kennel just two miles from her house, and Haddie would be the perfect female to give it a try.

The kennel has never taken a pup in heat - but they were willing to try it out for the sake of CCI (the owner has trained 5-CCI pups years ago - small world). Our Trainer wanted a gentle and sweet pup like Haddie to be a good representative for this first go-round. She is hoping the kennel will then agree to accept CCI pups in heat on a regular basis.

My Trainer lives on a different island about the same distance away from me - however - today is Tuesday which means it is 4H night. She said to bring Haddie to 4H, keep her in the car, and then after class we would  make the switch so Haddie could go home with the Trainer. Then tomorrow the Trainer will drop her off at the kennel two miles from her home.

Amazing?! Yes!!  So! Very! Thankful!

Three weeks out puts Haddie potentially able to leave the kennel on April 2nd. But ... we will be out of state during that week and we previously arranged for a Puppy Sitter (a fellow CCI Volunteer) to be with Haddie. No worries - says Trainer - she will pick up Haddie when she is ready and just keep her until our 4H meeting on April 10th.

Again. So! Very! Thankful!

In typical Team Haddie spirit of working so well together, I tip my hat off to Miss Haddie for this perfect timing. Looking at my calendar this month and all the items that we have scheduled - she will be much happier hanging out at the C.I. Canine Resort in her personal room with sliding glass door, her private outdoor run, and supposed television on the wall next to her raised bed. Ah - the life Haddie will enjoy for the next month!

She transitioned to the Trainer's car well, but I will admit I already miss her. Haddie's big, beautiful, brown Labby eyes looked at me as I put her in her kennel in a different car, latched her and said a quick, brave goodbye ... uhh, be still my heart. Calif is going to be torture.

Haddie and her Fancy Pants memory - I love that dog!!


  1. Oh the joy of heat cycles! My first pup went in heat with perfect timing while I went on a backpacking trip! Meeden went into heat twice while I had her! Heidi never had a heat cycle. I am super excited that there will be no heat cycles with Hunter.

    P.S.-Meeden also had to wear some fancy pants!

  2. If it weren't for the CCI Rule that the pups have to be professionally kenneled, I would not do a female again, just to avoid the heat cycle. =)

  3. Yeah, the kennel here was full when Meeden went into heat the second time, so she stayed with me for the 3 weeks. Not fun! Oh well :)