Saturday, March 3, 2012

One Handed

I enjoy taking photos when Haddie and I are on outings. Even one little picture can flood my memory bank as if I were there all over again; even if it was something simple.

I wish it were not so difficult to take photos one handed, especially when using a phone as the camera. I dropped it during an outing this week and it went e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e ... the case, the backing, the battery. Splat! right in front of Haddie. Thankfully, it did not hit her head or break for good.

After I reassembled it, I figured I was done with camera-phone picture taking. The shots I had taken were fuzzy, or she was looking the opposite way, or I couldn't even get her in the frame due to technical difficulties one handed. I will have to add another thing to my CCI Fanny Pack; my small little camera which is much easier to maneuver one handed.

But during this trip we ventured back to The Ranch (aka: The Feed Store). We didn't have much time to spend as we needed to get to another commitment, but it was enough for Haddie to pull out her Rock Star behavior.

This store has been by far the most challenging for Haddie. She is over-the-top-excited and finds herself in correction mode with all of her pulling. But I also worked her in Commands to help break up the non-stop pulling, and get her to realize that we must work as a Team in this store.

She held her Sit command while I played with the toys. I know, no fair!

She held her Down command next to an open bin of yummy, real bones. I know, what torture I put her through.

She continued her Down command and continued to check in with me while two huge dogs walked by on leash - one barking the whole time at Haddie. I know, Rock Star!

Then, as if those exercises were not enough, I found popcorn on the floor from a little kiddo who had been missing his sweet mouth. I positioned Haddie next to the popcorn and had her do a Sit, and a Down, and she left the popcorn alone. In two separate locations. Ahh ~ love'in me some Haddie Character!!

All one handed ... and no photos to share.

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