Tuesday, February 28, 2012

seriously like CHILDREN!!

Cora has always been a stuffed animal lover - all of her toys have always been the stuffed dog toys, and they look brand new because she never destroys. Her way of playing is carrying the toy around the house and rotating through sleeping with them. That's it. Not sure how that is "fun" but she loves it.

Haddie has always been a hard toy lover - all of her toys have always been the heavy chewing variety. Stuffed toys are quickly destroyed, mainly during teething - she has gotten a wee bit better. She likes to chew and chew and chew. Not sure how that is "fun" either, it would give me a headache if I chewed that hard and for that long. 

From the beginning, Cora never bothered Haddie's toys and for some reason, Haddie has naturally always avoided Cora's toys. Cora's toys sit in plain sight in the dog toy box in the family room, and Haddie will only sniff them, but never pull any of them out. Amazing really. We didn't teach her that. The only time Haddie shows interest in the stuffed variety is when it is in Cora's mouth.  

There is a Blue Puffer Fish that recently has been the learning phase of Tug-O-War between the two pups. I honestly have not studied how to get two dogs not to play Tug-O-War (but I think they are not supposed to, right? Feel free to comment on this!!!), so I usually end up finding ways to get the dogs to split up, or I take the toy myself. 

The inspiration of this blog post just happened. The dogs were going crazy through the house because the Blue Puffer Fish was in Cora's mouth as she cruised around - Haddie chasing her and being wild (insert bad puppy manners)!!  I got Haddie settled into her bed (tie out) and let Cora continue her playtime with Blue Fish. 

Haddie was watching Cora run this way and that past her bed ... perked and alert, but sitting nicely. And then Cora made a sharp left turn onto Haddie's bed and dropped the Blue Fish and left. Haddie's eyes were HILARIOUS!!! What a great expression of disbelief - I could seriously see her saying, "Whaaaaat? I'm kinda like in a time out - do I dare pick up Blue Fish?! Moooooom!?!" 

Cora walked away about 12 feet, and then just sat looking at Haddie, as if waiting for Haddie's turn to run away with Blue Fish. 
These two are seriously like CHILDREN!


  1. Too Funny!

    Erin & David
    Guide Dog Foundation Puppy Raiser

  2. My understanding is that dog-human tug is not ok, but dog-dog tug is, especially if you can still get their attention and end the game on your terms instead of it getting out of control. Which it sounds like is not a problem.

  3. Lol. Cute story. It seems like your dogs have really began to bond. Haddie sounds like a good ol labber chewing chewing chewing. Good girl for chewing on her toys! Oh and great pictures of the girls.