Thursday, February 2, 2012

Best of friends

I have a really dear friend that I met decades ago while in college. We were wing-mates at the dorm and were focused on the same Major. We had classes together, studied together, stayed up late together, graduated and continued our life journey together. We were in each other's wedding, saw all of our kiddos the day they were born, play dates, vacations, girl night outs, lunches ... we have stayed in touch.

We live a distance apart from one another, and with four kids between us, life schedules deem some work in creativity in future planning to get "our time" on the calendar. Luckily, we are both planners and highly organized to find the time to get this done.

Yesterday was "our time".
We met at the same location where our CCI Field Trip was in December. You can read about that here. We spent our time walking all different areas of the Mall; from the sidewalk streets with grass, to corridors that echoed, to inside shops and gated playgrounds. We had her go Up on different surfaces, and Under, and played different sounds at the outdoor musical playground. Haddie was not impressed with our music skills, however. In fact, she kinda just snubbed us. At least she wasn't scared ... I guess.

We had a brief moment at the Coffee Shop, partly to warm up and refuel as it was lunch hour. Haddie was a little restless, not awful, but after awhile we decided to keep moving. I found an additional area I have to work on with Haddie and that is Jump. She will Jump in class perfectly. She has yet to apply it to the real world consistently.
What I like most about hanging out with my friend and Haddie is that my friend is extremely patient. She gets that sometimes I have to interrupt our conversation to tend to the four-legged. She gives good ideas on places to take Haddie, things to try while we are there, and she is patient. Have I already said that?! She would make a fabulous Puppy Raiser. Yes, she knows I have talked to her about it every time I see her.

And just so you know the true magnitude of how awesome my friend is - she had a friend in college that had a Guide Dog, and my friend was an equal lifesaver to her. My friend would take her shopping, help her with household duties, help play interference to those in public who were etiquettely challenged about Service Dogs and their Handlers. She was a true friend to this woman who really needed that extra support. My friend has first hand knowledge about the life of a Guide Dog, the importance, a soft spot in her heart.
I am so grateful that she too is my friend. So thankful for her support, her patience, and just being herself - even when Haddie needs some additional attention right-smack-dab-in-the-middle of a great conversation!!

Friends - I know you are reading this ... just think of ALLL the fun we would have if you too had a CCI Puppy at the end of your own leash with me. We might even be able to get a sibling pair. Travel to Cali together. Never know .... it would be a great adventure!! Keep thinking about it ... (wink). In all seriousness, Thank You for being you, and for being my friend!!


  1. I love your last paragraph; that's what I tell all of my friends!!

  2. oh, what an amazing blessing to have a friendship of that. And what a great "our time". How special. And man - Haddie is getting so big! She seems to have shot up so quickly!

  3. What a great friend - love the last paragraph and hope it happens :).