Thursday, February 9, 2012

Outing Tips

Life seems to be nearing back to normal with wide open spaces on my calendar ready to fill up with Haddie-Outings. As I am prepping my days and game plan, I am curious to get insight from all my Puppy Raiser Readers on some outing ideas.
We live in a rainy and cold climate, so my only request is that the warm-weather-climate readers take that into consideration, and avoid from suggesting the beach, or the park, or sailing. Aww, to have those adventures any time of your choosing would be so perfect to Puppy Raising!!
I am finding that going from store to store, no matter how important that might be to Haddie's "real life" upon g-r-a-d-u-a-t-i-o-n ... I know that part of socializing is getting her into situations that are very different from normal life, so that she is ready for anything.
I am feeling a little stumped, but whenever I ask for advice, you guys always come through!! So, once again - Comment Away!!! What are some of your tips to out-of-the-box outings ... ?

Haddie and I always appreciate your help. Thank you!


  1. Here are a few that we work at.

    Shopping Malls, Cabela's, Home Depot, College campus, Grocery stores, Airports, Walk/Runs where there are a lot of participants. Banks, Historic places, Sledding hills, swimming at the lake, out in a boat, Farms, Horse ranches, Trains, Bus rides that utilize wheel chair lifts. Car shows, little league sports, trips in a downtown area, elevators, all types and lengths of stairs.

  2. Ohhh, Cabela's!! Airports are good too with all the rolling luggage, and luggage carousels, had not even occurred to me.Boat/train/bus will be vital. Lots of good ones, Mark!! Thanks. =)

  3. Churry absolutely LOVES Cabella's and Bass Pro Shop. Other theater, concerts, ball games with bands/cheerleaders, a Children's museum, amusement parks (when it's warmer), bowling alley, Farmer's market, Hot Air balloons (obviously not in yucky weather), nursing/retirement homes, preschool/daycare...I would love more ideas, too!

  4. Carlin - those are great ideas too!!! Movie with Haddie while the kiddos are at school? Seems like I would be cheating, but I'll do it. HaHa. Children's Museum is Perfect!! Thanks for the great list!!

  5. Movies are good! I would say that basketball games are also good, I took Meeden to one and was surprised that she was uncomfortable with it. The echoing in the gyms and the cheering crowds are a really good experience for them. I would also suggest bowling! The sounds of the balls and pins is a really good training experience. I took Heidi and at first when I went up to bowl she was really interested in the ball and wanted to chase it. By the end of the night, she calmly stood next to me while I bowled and ignored the ball. It was a good distraction outing(may be helpful: we started in a down while I bowled, then tried sitting, before standing. This helped her keep stays better to start with).

    Also going to a restaurant, but rather than just going in normally, drop some food on the food on the floor to work on leaving food. Another puppy raiser told me that with one of their pups they were a restaurant and the waitress accidentally spilled a bowl of food right in front of the dog. The dog completely ignored it! So it would be good for them to get used to food dropping near them.

    Hope those help!

  6. Ashely - totally helps! I would never have thought bowling, but it makes perfect sense. I have gone into Starbucks, but not a sit down with menu type of establishment that takes more time than a casual coffee. I will have to get on top of Bball before the season ends. Great ideas!!! Thank YOU!