Thursday, February 23, 2012


Cora has been feeling the love this week and is all about getting close to Haddie. Like I've mentioned before, I really think that Cora would be fine if we Turned In Haddie sooner than later. She does not fuss with her in either a positive or negative way - she just plain ignores.

This week, however, Cora has chosen to love on Haddie. The girls and I were upstairs this week doing laundry when I caught some photos off my phone of the two friends (poor quality, but I had to catch it while I could).

Cora would not stop rolling into Haddie, and Haddie was as shocked as I was and just stared at the Beagle in disbelief. Haddie didn't know what to think, or do. Her one chance to play and enjoy, and she was struck in awe.

Cora has done this daily for the last four days. The newness for Haddie is starting to wear off, so there are times when I have to step in and break up the friendship as Haddie can get a little frisky for my 12 inch, 20 pound Beagle. It really isn't a fair match in my opinion.

But I am so glad to see Cora Volunteeeeering to repeatedly snuggle with Haddie.

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