Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mutual Love

My little sidekick when she is not in school is my girl. She loves to take Haddie on outings with me, and she does a great job controlling the leash and situation.
The other day we were out for a quick grocery shopping trip. We must have hit the overly friendly crowd as we were stopped more times than normal. It wasn't until we got back into the car that we both looked at each other in exhaustion and said, "Wow! Haddie did great!".

Haddie has been known to get pretty excited during greetings. She went through a phase of jumping - not necessarily on people as we were always able to stop her before she made contact, but it was annoying and disobedient nonetheless.

However, last Sunday at church and during outings this week, Haddie kept her feet and bum on the floor the entire time anyone asked to pet her. The entire time!  That was a huge change and accomplishment for Team Haddie!!

My girl and Haddie work well together ~ they certainly love one another!!!

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  1. YAY - GO TEAM HADDIE!!! It's always exciting to see little lightbulbs going off in their head isn't it?