Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Ranch

It is pouring buckets today and I suffered through each and every drop hitting the back of my neck as I waiting patiently for Haddie to Hurry before we walked into The Ranch store. I kept thinking, Carver's PR's do this all the time in worse conditions, so I can do this, I can do this, I can do this (but would ya' Hurrrrry! Haddie!).

I took Haddie to this Ranch back here and I remember she was a pulling machine then, and now. Sigh. I think the over abundant smells of horse, barn, dog, cat, you name it anything-animal-related can get the best of her. I have put it on my short list to go back more often to desensitize her from all the distractions.

While I was there I purchased higher valued treats. I wish there were samples of all the different packaged varieties. I took a gamble and went with this
and so far she is liking the change. She can tend to have a sensitive stomach, so I choose to stay clear of the rich, meaty, hearty choices. While in my care she'll stick with the all natural stuff, and go with the blander meat like chicken. She likes basic cooked chicken, but that is sometimes harder to transport than the dried variety.

No pictures of today's outing. I was pretty busy working her Heel while we explored. Today's outing was one of those moments that made me really question her ability to listen, and focus. If she were judged on friendly and cuteness, she'd be a shoe-in. The challenge for me to be better has been raised, and I accept.


  1. I so admire all your work with Haddie. I laughed thinking Cricket would score high on the friendly and cuteness too.

  2. Thanks, Becky! And I agree - Cricket would definitely score high!!! =)