Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birthday Buddy

The kids are at school, my hubby is working hard to catch up at work post-vacation, so this birthday girl decided to pack up my yellow four legged beauty and head to the sunshine in a city that is further away from the foothills than our little town. If we have rain, they most likely have sun.

It was a gorgeous morning strolling the beautiful park in this town. Haddie and I loved the learning opportunity of the ducks, the dogs, joggers, and walkers. Little kids and older folks were all out walking the park and checking in with one another.

And the sun - awww, the warm sun!
Yes, I had Haddie on this bench not because she is a Diva, as one older gentleman suggested, but because Haddie needs work on different surfaces and getting onto higher levels. It took her a bit of encouragement to jump on this bench. And then it was all about getting her to stay Down and relax while the distractions passed us by.

Not to worry, there were plenty of benches for others to enjoy. In front of us was a man-made-river and fountains that make the center of this park and walkway. Ducks were quaking away and jumping in and out of the water. Haddie enjoyed gazing at the dozen.
And then Haddie spotted a beagle that looked very similar to Cora. One look at that pup and she bounced up on the bench with a confused look as if to wonder if Cora had mysteriously followed us here. I love dog expressions.

This bench was also where we met Ben, a large sized golden retriever and his owner. The owner caught on right away to Haddie's vest - and then determined that he should show me how Ben could retrieve his keys. Yep, he threw down his keys right there in the pathway of joggers, walkers, strollers, and ducks for Ben to pick up and give back to him.
Well, Ben picked up the keys many times, and tossed them the opposite direction of his owner, and then he would dance the retriever prance as the owner insisted for Ben to try again and get it right. I had to just smile in approval in order to keep from laughing. Haddie, again being the expression girl, perked her ears every time Ben picked up the keys and threw them the opposite direction. Then, Haddie would look at me as if to say, "Is he for real?!"

Oh, Ben's owner was determined to get Ben to cooperate. Sigh.
We moved forward around the park and spotted this large fountain. Haddie did not hesitate to get on the platform next to it to lay down. I was a little leery that she was going to roll right into the pond, her back was teetering on the edge and she really didn't care. I eventually moved her to a spot further away, and she stayed happily in this position for some time listening to the roar of the fountain.
A stop at Target for a little something for the birthday girl, Starbucks, and home to a down pour of rain. So glad we ventured to the Eastside to enjoy some sunshine and girlie time while we wait for family to finish their  daytime responsibilities.
Loved my birthday-date with sweet Haddie.

Thank you for all the awesome tips and tricks to car travel for Haddie!!  I enjoy learning from ALL of you!!!

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