Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

It just dawned on me that we will never celebrate Easter with Haddie because she is scheduled to return to CCI in February. Aww, bummer.  Haddie spent the last three weeks at a doggie resort while she was in heat, and then a nice Puppy Raiser in our area agreed to pick her up and keep her because there was an overlap in when she would be released and when we'd be back from our Spring Break vacation.

We returned home late last night, and today we will spend the day with family to celebrate Easter. Tomorrow I work all day with piano lessons which does not allow time to travel to get her back. So, Tuesday at 10:15a I will meet the Puppy Raiser in the big city to pick up our sweet girl.

The comments from the kennel, our Trainer, and this Puppy Raiser who have all had the responsibility of Haddie have been consistent ... "What a sweeeeet girl!!!".  Yay - I am glad to know that I have not been biased in my thoughts of her. I think her sweet demeanor is a great sign for a skilled companion pup for a child. I really think it would be a great match - but I know there is a lot of work to be had between now and that moment.

We are all missing our sweet yellow lab, but I will admit that I feel much like what I did the last week of August last year ... Eeek, what am I going to do with this puppy?  I feel somewhat out of touch with all the rules and regulations for training. I feel somewhat like my mind has taken a month-long vacation from the massive responsibility of Puppy Raising ... and ... will I remember how the routine and life works when I get her back?

I know we will just fall into step together, with some growing pain moments mixed in, but I am so ready to start back up. I really, really miss her sweetness and adorable face.

Two more days and Haddie returns!! Yea!!!

Happy Easter!!!


  1. Happy Easter. Just reading your scriptures and quotes on your side bar - beautiful. Glad Haddie will be back home soon :).

  2. Yay! I'm glad you're getting her back! I've missed hearing about Haddie too! Happy Easter!