Tuesday, April 17, 2012

She Keeps Growing

Haddie has a funny streak. She loves this green bed that was originally purchased for my 12" Beagle and it stays in our bedroom. Cora can fit perfectly fine in this circle ~ Haddie, not so much. Today I was ironing clothes (I've heard this is a lost art form, true or false? Anyone out there still iron?) and found Haddie curled up in bed snoring peacefully and oblivious to my laughter.
Haddie had a wonderful outing experience on Saturday. My daughter and I - along with our sidekick Haddie -  spent eight hours outside cheering on a team of her peers at a baseball tournament. Thankfully the weather cooperated and we were without rain, just gorgeous fluffy clouds and sunshine.

Haddie rocked the day like a true service dog. She checked in all day with my girl and me - whomever was holding the leash at the time. During the stretch of hours between games, she found her spot on our blanket in the grass and took some naps. She laid in front of us at the bottom row of the bleachers during game times, and didn't fuss. She was truly a dream.

She experienced the playground filled with little tykes and big kids. I purposefully spent some time in that area sitting with her, waiting and welcoming passerby's to greet her.

I will admit that even four weeks ago Haddie might have stood up or lifted her front paws off the ground to get a better view of the person petting her. Excitable Greetings we have been working on since day one.

I am pleased to report that she either grew up in four weeks, or those that had her when she was away worked through the issue, because on Saturday she greeted everyone with four paws on the ground and her bum secured too. Amazing. I was so proud of her.

A wee little two year old was wobbling off and on beside her during the last game, and Haddie remained seated or down - not lunging or curious to sneak a lick on the top of the girl's head. Can you tell I am beaming?! So happy for Haddie!

There were plenty of pet dogs leashed in the ballpark. She would look, but not move towards them. Even the yappy cute puppy that spent the day on it's own blanket not far from ours did not phase Haddie. That too would have been a distraction a month ago.

The sounds of cheering, balls being hit with a loud crack of the bat, base runners zooming past her, and all the sights, smells, and sounds of a new environment did not get the best of her. Neither did being leashed and wearing the Gentle Leader all day. Haddie was the best and I am so happy she was there to experience and succeed.

She keeps growing ... in so many ways.

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  1. Oh, that's on Churry's list this next week! We were supposed to go to a baseball game last night, but had to finish up some of the last selections on our remodeling project at the flooring store instead. Good job Haddie!