Monday, April 16, 2012


Do you think the love is mutual?
Two buddies that truly love one another. It will be hard for this little guy to wish his puppy goodbye early next year.

Since Haddie's return, my son has asked me to bring Haddie up to his room to wake him up every morning. Haddie is the perfect wake-up call. She will prance around the side of his bed, winding her tail faster and faster and stomping her feet, waiting with all her might for the Up command.

Once given she is full puppy nose and tongue all over my son's face, and her tail continues to wind in circles. When the party is over, she promptly gets off the bed and the two of us return to downstairs. When my son joins us, Haddie is calm and follows him around the rest of the morning.

So adorable ... and so thankful the two have this tight bond. 4H involvement has certainly helped the friendship and respect between boy and dog.

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