Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Haddie Returns

My girl looks so mature - her makeup around the eyes look darker and she seems taller.
I drove to the city this morning to pick up my girl at a Brew House by the pro-baseball fields. It was the easiest spot to park and make the transfer in the big city. It worked perfectly. The Puppy Sitter and I wish there was a third person with us to video the reunion. Haddie was beyond excited with love and affection for me and it was mutual. It was adorable. I can't wait to see the reunion of her with my kiddos.

We have spent the past hour at our home spa with full bath, nail trim, ears, teeth, and brushing. She came back looking fine, but I just didn't know if she'd been through it all and since she's been in a kennel for three weeks, and another person's house for one - I figured it was time to "just make sure" she was back to her normal routine of beauty. She dig'd the attention, and actually fell asleep in a cradle position while her nails were being done.
Happy for Haddie's return - and to pump up the training from here until her final destination in 10 months to California.


  1. Welcome Home Haddie! She really does look more mature! She's beautiful :)

  2. Welcome back Haddie. You look prettier I think! You do look a little bigger.