Saturday, June 23, 2012

Evening in the Park

Our CCI 4-H group had a class field trip this week. The good news was that we were headed to a park to expose the pups to some wild chickens, and bunnies. The bad news was the chickens were dead, and no bunnies were found. The result was a class field trip to the playground.
Kinda bummed as I was really looking forward to the chicken exposure to Haddie with the help of our Trainer by our side. Apparently this park had dozens upon dozens of chickens that would hang out and run wild. We were told to bring "all your gear, and every high value reward" for our dogs.
Our high valued rewards were put back in the fridge unopened when we got home. Haddie didn't need a high valued treat, and instead got a regular Natural Balance Tillman Treat (another favorite, but not high, high valued).
I like these photos that show Haddie's leap. It was more fun to watch Live than to stare at these photos, but I think she has good form. What that'll do for her future, I have no idea, but it was entertainment.
This series of photos are just funny. I asked my hubby to come with us because he could take photos of the "chickens with Haddie", and instead just got me saying "Will you take a photo of me with Haddie?".  This series shows my sweet dog ... awww, how cute.
Oops - what happened?! Devil Dog showed up when I wasn't looking!!! Hahaha - this makes me laugh! Great capture, Hubby!!
The behind the scene's story on this is that Haddie was hacking up a Tillman Treat during the photo shoot and he captured it. All was fine. She lived.
While it was a bummer that the chickens died and it turned into a traditional adventure at the playground, it is always fun to be surrounded by our 4-H team of kids. This sweet boy has his own service dog, but loves to visit with all the dogs in class. He is very social and so very cool. I am so happy to have these photos of this particular cute boy with Haddie. Memories for us when Haddie moves forward.

A great evening in the park.


  1. I love, love, love that picture of your son and Haddie. Such a treasure for the future!

  2. Looks like you made out better at the park this week than I did! Haha!

    Your son and Haddie make a fabulous team!!

  3. Hannah - I just read your blog post. =( Boo!! Not fun. Sending you happy thoughts for a fun summer despite the cast.