Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Feed Stores to Music Stores

Haddie and I ventured back to our home Feed Store. I love this store way better than any commercial pet store. The ambiance is so much better; more friendly, professional, and the lighting is more tolerable creating a great western-style ambiance. Love it.
Haddie, she loves it too. Almost too much. That girl can pull like a wild horse when in the store. I know I have said it before, but I really need to go back even more frequently. I know the employees would not mind a daily visit. They get it - one of their employees is a previous CCI Puppy Raiser too. They know the drill already.
Two employees greeted me with, "Are you finding everything okay, or are you here just for training." Ahhh, I felt totally at home. They already knew the drill, and the importance. Browsing through the store while having Haddie do "non-traditional" commands, over other pets who were there just being cute, puts the atmosphere of the entire experience more at ease. They all know that if my dog is going up and under, in and out of their displays, that they can just move along and ignore me.
Haddie has her sit and down command under her vest perfectly. When she gets really out of control with pulling, I will just make her do one of the two to chill-out. It lets her nose continue to work, with out her brain going crazy and wanting to see everything NOW!

We did a lot of turning in circles, sits, and downs all around the store and back again to get her to settle down. We worked on slow walking, and brisk walking. We ended on a brisk walk all over the store as that is her favorite; brisk walking. She will maintain a loose leash and that is how I wanted to end the adventure.

Today took us to a music store. With the amount of piano lessons that Haddie has attended this year, she felt right at home in this store. There was NO pulling. I could have dropped her leash and she would have continued to walk right beside me. It was so perfect.

When I was browsing the music books, she held her down command and ... fell asleep. Yep, we were there awhile. But it was so refreshing after our working-walk on Monday, and our Feed Store on Tuesday. I felt like she had already graduated; I could see a little glimpse of her life after us. Awww, I hope she graduates!

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  1. Me too! She will be such a great service dog. You and your family have trained her well!