Friday, June 1, 2012

Merry-Go-Rounds and Grates

Yesterday Haddie and I met my sweet friend for a Mall adventure. The weather has not been cooperating, so our original thought of a park outing got switched to a Mall outing. However, we jumped at the chance to walk the perimeter of the Mall because the sprinkles and rain had stopped by the time we met.

We sat inside the Food Court to start, after all my friend and I had to catch up first, and sometimes walking and talking is hard! Haddie was good at holding her Down, until time had past long enough for her to be bored and she kept popping up. It was about that time for a bathroom break anyway, so we headed outside.
From there we walked for about an hour around the Mall a few times, and out on the sidewalk of the busy street and intersections. Large trucks and lots of new noises for Haddie in this town she's never explored before ~ and she was fabulous.

Proof that I am not making up Haddie's stellar performance, my friend commented about how well Haddie was doing with out me soliciting for a comment. And my friend is a good source as she's been around enough animals to be well qualified to do this volunteer role herself! (Yes, another shameless plug to her directly - you would have so much fun!).

We came across this large grate and we decided to see how Haddie would perform. No problem. She walked across it, Sat, and did a Down on top.
The humans were hungry by the time our walk was over, so we headed back to the Food Court for lunch. By this time Haddie was done with walking too and held her Down at our feet and snoozed. We had a few nice, older women stop by at random times during our lunch to compliment Haddie's behavior, and to view her beauty up close.

A final round inside the Mall before we left proved to be a fun experience when we had Haddie on the non-moving Merry-Go-Round. She didn't hesitate going up on the platform, and the horses too. What a sweet face she has! Makes it so easy to fall in love with her.
Haddie slept all the way home, happy to have had another successful adventure with our friend.

Thanks, JH!!!! Always a fantastic day with you!

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  1. Oh, she's maturing so much! What a special girl! And what lovely photos to memorialize the moments!