Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh, Crackers!!

I was rushing from one event to the next on Saturday and happened to spill the remaining crackers from a box that fell out of the pantry upon opening the door. Haddie was right by my feet while this all unfolded. I quickly told her to sit ... and ... she did.
From there I grabbed the camera before proceeding to clean up the mini mess very slowly. Allowing her time to break her sit command if she chose to disobey. I walked behind her to grab the mini broom and dustpan from under the sink. I took multiple trips to throw the now garbaged food away, and disassemble the box for recycling.

All the while she sat with out a crumb upon her lips. Good girl, Haddie!!!

Now, if Cora had not been wandering in our backyard, and had been in the house instead, well ... let's just say the entire mess would have been cleaned up in 7 seconds!!!


  1. Great work Haddie - that has got to be so hard!

  2. Thanks Carlin and Becky!! I forgot to mention that Haddie WAS rewarded nicely with her most favorite treat - Chicken!! when I gave her a Release. =)

  3. Good girl Haddie!!! And good Elle for being a true puppy raiser and stopping to take a photo of the event! *grin*