Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday, Haddie!!!

On June 24th Haddie turned 1 years old!  WooHoo - what a big girl that has learned so much in twelve months. We are looking forward to seeing where she will be on her second birthday. At CCI waiting graduation?!?!  She'll have an exciting future no matter.
We spent her entire birthday on a one-day road trip in search of warm temps and sunshine. We found it just two hours away and it was perfect! We had both pups with us, our fishing poles, lots of relaxation, and laughs. 
Juggling a Beagle and a Lab was no big deal since my sidekick claimed Cora as hers and was responsible for her all day. 
That left me to train Haddie with walking slowly on a leash (work in progress). That was her only "big deal" yesterday. New sights, new smells. If you keep a normal walking pace she is fine, but she needs to learn that walking at a slow pace is equally as fun and rewarding. 
It was a beautiful day as a family with two amazing canines. Home to baths for all the dirty, furry, four legs, and bed. It was a full, wonderful, road trip Birthday!!!
We Love You, Haddie Rosa!!!!  Happy 1st Birthday, Haddie!!!


  1. NO WAY she is a year already! Happy birthday, Haddie!!!

  2. I know ... she grew way too fast (just like my kiddos). Enjoy every day with Dante - he too will be a year before you know it; and then CCI University!! =)

  3. Happy Birthday Haddie! And I'd be happy to send you some of our 100plus temps!

  4. Happy Birthday from Hobart to his sister!!!! :)

    Elijah & Hobart II

  5. Happy Birthday Haddie! Time sure goes by fast.

  6. Haddie, it's your birthday, and you've outgrown your cape! Time to call the Puppy Program Manager and move up a size!

  7. Deb - thanks for the reminder to adjust the cape! I keep forgetting, and now it is so obvious!! I will do that before tomorrow's outing. =)