Monday, July 2, 2012

Best Bleacher Buddy

My daughter's boyfriend is a ball player that plays all.the.time. When we are free, we join the crowd of parents and siblings to cheer them on to victory. This past weekend our calendar was free to take in a lot of his tournament games. Of course, Haddie came along too.

She ignored potato chips that were sprawled out on the bottom bleacher when we arrived at the first game. She plopped her buns right next to them, and stood over them, all the while ignoring them. I will say that is one thing that Haddie learned very quickly at a young age - ignore the floor. Love it!

We were caught in a mini-down-pour during one of the games. Haddie was less than thrilled to be pelted by raindrops. She was all snug in an Under of my lap/feet and partial bleachers, but didn't get the concept to stay put while it was raining; she would have stayed fairly dry. Instead she felt we needed to go completely and found herself standing in the rain looking at us, who were busy watching the game and not moving. She eventually resumed her down and under again.

Then the tournament moved to a different location for the other days this weekend. This field was super amazing - just wish it were closer so the team could play here all the time! This one I had checked online and found the "No Animal" rule in the ballpark. I will admit that always gives me the butterflies as I am one to follow rules - but in my mind our CCI Pup "doesn't count" -  however, would they feel the same way?! 
Knowing that I could be asked to leave, I had a game plan all set out and shared with the kiddos so there would not be any surprises or discussion amongst the family.

My first plan, of course, was to use my charm and ramble enough education, facts, and data that they would just give up and let me stay. I practiced on my girl during the drive up and she said, "Yeah, they will let ya' stay, that was too much information."
My second plan, if they still kicked me out after my long winded public service announcement, was to go outside the ballpark, leaving the kids to watch the game, and sit myself and Haddie behind the fence in a not-so-obvious-spot, but equally as good to watch the game.

My last choice was to sit in the car with Haddie. I have yet to leave her alone in the car for the fear of bad luck and someone stealing her. I know she could handle staying in the car (well ventilated with windows open), but the snatching factor always gets in my head.
Thankfully, our cute CCI Pup was a gem and nobody noticed she was there except for those in the stands with us. She found her comfy spot and held a Down, Sit, or Stand for the games. It was lovely. We passed a Park Worker as we exited the complex, and she looked and said nothing. Perhaps they too felt that Haddie did not count as a prohibited animal.

Haddie was soooo good! Two men were standing near her just before we left and commented that she was so mellow. She was boring compared to their labs who would be soliciting every piece of food, leg, and arm that they could get to. Haha! I will take all compliments no matter how funny they come across.
Haddie did get in plenty of tail wags during the day to share that her life is pretty grand. Anytime someone would talk to me about her, she would observe the conversation and wag her tail. What a little Diva. She knows she's that adorable.
So for all the little nerves I had about breaking rules, perhaps being asked to leave, I am so glad that I followed through and brought our well behaved pup to the ballpark. She has been to many ballgames now to warrant any future forever family a nice time at a baseball game with Haddie. She is the Best Bleacher Buddy Ever!


  1. Good job Haddie! What a great girl! I love the weird compliments like "She's boring" or "We didn't even know she was here". Those are some of the best!

  2. I love hearing "I didn't even know you had a dog". It means that the pup and I are doing our job!

    Sounds like a great day.