Monday, July 16, 2012

Grocery Shopping

One of the best parts of summer outings with Haddie is having my children along to help.

My typical full week's worth of grocery shopping trips during the school year do not include Haddie ~ I simply do not have enough hands. Short excursions to the grocery aisle, or for the purpose of only training Haddie and not shopping, well those times are different.

However, this summer we are able to divide and conquer on those extra long weekly shopping outings. My girl pushes the cart and takes care of the list and calculator, while my son gathers the items, and I concentrate fully on training Haddie. It works perfectly!
We stumbled upon this mess of Chocolate Teddy Grahams in the snack aisle. My girl snapped the photo from her phone of Haddie obeying a great Down in the middle of the yummies. So happy Haddie has always succeeded in ignoring the floor.

For the car ride home, Haddie gets the perk of keeping an eye on the groceries. So tempting to some, but not to Haddie. Yay, Good Girl!!
Grocery Shopping is so much more enjoyable with Haddie by our side.

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  1. YAY - what great successes! And my how mature she has become under your careful guidance. Maybe I could borrow your kids to help me with my grocery shopping! :)