Thursday, July 12, 2012

Haddie's First Lake

During our vacation, we took Haddie down the Highway to her first lake experience. The temps were HOT and we got out a little later than we had planned, but we followed through with the adventure. Perhaps not completely prepared with the appropriate long leash and swimming attire, it still proved to be a great experience for Haddie.
More lakes are in her future. She loved the experience!
She was quick to enter, but not completely confident to go very deep. I was proud, however, for the love of the adventure that she seemed to have on this "first".
She has never been a stick girl, partly because I have not encouraged it. I figured that love can fall into place if her Forever Family chooses, rather than me having to retrain the obsession with sticks should one occur.
She has fallen enough for her Frisbee (I had a plastic white plate out the other day, shaped to the size of her Frisbee - and she followed me around waiting for that thing to fly!!!), I figured she didn't need another obsession right now.
Haddie found the sticks floating in the water and enjoyed bobbing for them. She would carry them back to shore for me to toss back into the water. Or, she would chomp on the sticks to break them up, drop them into the water to float around her, and then start bobbing again. She was adorable.
Wet and definitely cooled off - Haddie went back to the Condo to dry out and sleep while the two-leggeds on the trip went to the outdoor public pool.

Haddie's First Lake will not be the only lake she will experience this summer. Yay, Haddie!!!

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