Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's Up?

Seems like my summer is not what I had daydreamed during those colder months of late winter. I had been wishing long morning walks in the sun with Haddie, perhaps running here and there (I have little running talent, but I daydream that I would do it), and taking wild adventures with Haddie to all over our area - parks galore, zoo trips, big city life, hikes in the woods, nonstop action with my kids and Haddie.

Where has the time gone?!
I am starring at one month and a hand full of days left of this summer and I have done very little on my daydream list. Granted, Haddie has experienced other things such as multiple road trips, hotel stays, attractions at different cities, restaurants, lakes, and many people that I had not thought would be on my summer list - so it has not gone all to waste. 

AND my little girl is starting to go back into Heat; which certainly was not on my mind for summer either. It's only been four months since the last, but apparently no professional on the medical or training side are concerned with her early bird status. I, on the other hand, would prefer she just moves on and either gets going with her Kennel visit, or enough already. Her attitude is certainly different - and that is one of the down sides of hosting a lil'girl puppy in training. 
We are continuing to show her who is boss and we mean what we say during this crazy naughty stage while her inside chemical balance is all wacky. However, I admit that I am so tempted sometimes to just let her be. Ya' know ... when she is running the backyard wildly without ears to hear commands that play time is over and she must get back into the house. With her defiant attitude, why do I insist that she come to me?! I  really don't want to deal with her once she is back by my side!

But kidding aside we try not to let our frustration get the best of us, and in the end Haddie gets more restrictions to help her stay the course of setting her up for positive responses, rather than giving her opportunities for negative. 
Then you get these adorable moments and know the crazy is all worth it. She will make a great companion to whomever gets her for forever. She is one cuddle buddy that adores attention. She will follow us anywhere and looks to us to get her tail wagging. Her eyes show her love for us, and I know that will transfer to that next person and family. No matter - she is still an incredible little girl with a huge heart. 

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