Thursday, July 26, 2012

Never a dull moment

Memories .... it's fun to look back and remember how far we have come; both dog and human. Yesterday was a wacky day and Haddie is feeling a little off sorts. When that happens, she becomes the cuddle pup that she was when she was itty-bitty. Her fur ruffles up all adorable and she'll get right up in your face for lots of love.

Haddie has had a Histiocytoma on the side of her left lip. Apparently they can go away on their own after hanging out for about 3 months. There is nothing pretty about it, and as it grew it became more obvious. There was an option to take it off with surgery, so I was just starting the process of going through procedures with CCI to get that accomplished. I was really hoping they would approve removal, rather than waiting any longer for the outcome of this "thing".

Nature took it's course and made the decision quick and easy. I didn't have time to go through the channels with CCI, because as I was packing for our upcoming extended vacation with Haddie by my feet in a perfect Down, the Histiocytoma burst right on my carpet. Ewww and Yuck don't even come close in description.

Puppy Raising is never dull.

A quick towel pressure on her lip, slowly walking her down the stairs to her kennel, dashing back up the stairs to clean my carpet quickly (whew, it came out!), calling the vet, loading her up in the car, sitting in the lobby while the vet took care of our puppy, two stitches later, we arrived home to resume packing.

Haddie has returned to her adorable look with out that bump hanging out. Amazing what a little bump can do to the cute factor of a puppy. Although it was short-term hectic, I am glad that it worked out the way it did. And the bill was significantly less than the original quote; she waved some of the cost as I think she took pity on me given the crazy situation and yuck factor. No matter, I'm a fan of this vet clinic!!

The rest of the day Haddie was just a love-bug. Finding every moment to get her sweet muzzle connected to us for kisses and hugs. Reminded me of her first days with us when she just wanted love and sweet attention.  That cute look of ears forward and fluffiness all over. Haddie turned into that sweetheart yesterday - a nice conclusion to some hectic time in our day.

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  1. Oh no! Poor Haddie. :( I'm glad you got that taken care of.

    She is an especially cute little lab!