Friday, August 16, 2013

Camping Stick

Remember this photo? It was taken at the end of May when we tucked away to this fun lake with Kolby just shy of 5 months.
Now look at this handsome fella at 7 months old at the same lake. He has grown about twenty-five pounds between the two photos.
We started our drive on Sunday and got caught in a very strong rainstorm the closer we got to Camp. But it left soon enough and we were able to enjoy a nice leisurely walk with Kolby before it turned dark.
The next two days the sun was out and the warmth sprinkled down between the trees. It was awesome. Kolby is a camper. I think he enjoys hanging out under the trees and going for walks on the pine cone forest floor, and smelling the wild animal scents which we can't. There is a burn ban in affect in our area, so no firewood to smell, but sometimes that is okay.
Kolby also does very well in our RV too. For the times when he needs to just "chill out" we have a tie-out under the eating table and a very fluffy bathmat for him to lay down on (black of course helps disguise dog hair, but makes for poor photos). And his crate fits perfectly between the RV wall and my side of the bed. I found during this trip that Kolby snores. Not as loud as Haddie ever was, but he does make noise. Adorable.
One of Kolby's best features is his loose leash walking; even while on a hike where it is tempting with so many different sights, sounds, and smells, he will continue in a great Heal or Side. I love that about him ~ he is a joy to take all places as a result.
My son found a very clean stick on our morning walk, and gave it to Kolby about ten minutes into our adventure. Hand over heart in honesty, Kolby did not drop that stick, did not move that stick, and looked to not even swallow (!) for another HOUR of it in his mouth. He was so proud and took the job of carrying it very seriously.
Throughout the rest of the camping days and nights when we went for a walk, after he completed his Hurry command, I would give him the stick while we walked. It was "his thing" and the walk in his step had a little bit of a prance to it - he was that happy. Show-off  ... when other dogs on leashes would pass by, Kolby would look at them with a proud, puffed chest as he continued to walk past with his stick.
The stick is now at our house. To be continued for another adventure ...


  1. WOW - he has GROWN!!! So handsome!

  2. Ohhh Mister. He is such a cutie! I love him, I love him, I love him. It looks like you had a wonderful trip! And hopefully there were no mattresses in your way this time ;)