Monday, August 5, 2013

CCI Chapter Picnic

Saturday was the annual CCI Chapter Picnic at a beautiful home of a family who is very generous to do so ~ imagine 35+ CCI puppies and graduates enjoying your backyard. For the most part, every one was leashed, while we took turns letting about six at a time run and play. It was very controlled, but still it takes a wonderful family to open up their home to all of us.
Kolby did real good. I am always surprised at how calm he is while on leash and other dogs are coming up to his face. Whether they are equally as calm, or not, he maintains a calm greeting. I have yet to let him off leash with dogs his size ~ that will be coming mid-month when he spends time with another Puppy Sitter, and three of their big dogs, some being CCI COC dogs. It will be good experience for him.
But Saturday he stayed with us and watched. And I will say, he was interested, but did not show signs of being overly focused on their play. I was very pleased.
And then there was this ~ a group picture. This is where I was beaming for the first ten minutes when he was holding a perfect Down while the dogs were getting settled by their people, and some dogs resettled, and readjusted, and adjusted again, and again. Ha! It is a lot of work as not all the dogs are willing to Down among 35 of their peers. It is very excitable to be "free" all at once.
Kolby held his position and watched some of the rowdiness for a solid ten, and then he was tired of getting stepped upon, and came to see me. I continued to put him back while the group continued picture taking. And while a "stand up and walk to me" is still breaking the rules, I am very pleased he held out for ten minutes with his command work, and for being just 6 months old.
Kolby is the smiling black puppy in front
Kolby really enjoyed seeing his July Puppy Sitters, and it was nice to reconnect with them. They are super fun people and took great care of Kolby. They are waiting for some travel agenda's to be complete and then will look at applying again to Puppy Raise their second puppy. I am so excited for that time for them.
We received a Plaque for raising Haddie. It was a nice surprise, and something our Chapter does for all Puppy Raisers. The plaque has a dangling name plate (lack of a better word) with Haddie's name, gender, breed, and birthdate scripted on it. Then, next year, we will get the dangling piece to attach under Haddie's name that will have Kolby's name, gender, breed, and birthdate. So on and so forth the name plates are given at the Annual Picnic as we continue to puppy raise. One husband and wife team got their 14th name plate today; the most raised puppies in one household from our weekly class attendees.
I think the favorite part of my day was sitting on the slope of the hosts grass, while the announcements and plaques were being given, and having Kolby sitting a little up-hill so he was eye level with me. He has the best Sit ever; perfectly straight, which makes him look very wise as he is so tall and slender with very smart eyes.
My girl has taught him how to give Kisses ... and his July Puppy Sitter was shocked that they are a "real kiss". He keeps his mouth completely closed, and leans his head forward until he touches his lips with your lips, then he backs his head away, and stares adorably into your eyes waiting for a treat. He is such a cutie. Who wouldn't kiss him?! My favorite part of the picnic ~ hanging out and getting random kisses from my big four legged boy.
I am so grateful for the fun, energetic, wise, and loving people who Puppy Raise right alongside us, and those who are inspiring mentors with their working dogs ~ we truly have an amazing group of people in our Chapter and we are thankful.

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