Thursday, August 8, 2013


Did someone say, Orthodontist?!

Kolby heard the words on Tuesday when he hopped into the car and was being buckled in. We were headed to the Ortho for my son, but somehow I am sure, Kolby thought it had something to do with him. Afterall, have you seen his silly smile? He does this all the time, by the way.
When we parked and went around to the back of the car to put on his Vest and Gentler Leader, we got this reaction from Kolby.
Oh yes, he stayed there long enough for us to realize he was not budging, he was not going to Stand, he was not moving. My girl had time to take out her phone, and snap a few photos. Kolby was in a stand-off; those eyes and feet stance say, "I'm not going to the Ortho-don-tist!"

We finally coaxed him out and assured him that the Ortho-don-tist was for my son, not for Kolby. He promptly tail wagged his way into the office, and fell asleep at my feet in the lobby for the entire 30 minute appointment.

See, Kolby, that wasn't so bad, right?!