Tuesday, August 6, 2013

House Happenings

The first day Kolby arrived in our household, he climbed up on this step stool. It took me a few days before I had my camera ready to capture it because I thought it was a one-time-exploration-kinda-of-deal. But no, Mister enjoys his step stool. He climbs up and now can peer into the sink where I fill his water bowl multiple times per day (Kolby is half Camel, I am sure).

It is routine for Kolby to relax in our bathroom when I am getting ready in the morning. No loud hairdryer sound, whirling of our electric toothbrush, nor humidity that collects after a hot shower causes Kolby any alarm. Eventually, he will be off his tie-out to hang out in the bathroom while I am getting ready, but so far he is still a bit too curious to wander while I am unable to correct him, so tie-out it is for now. And yes, of course I rearranged the decor on our shelves so that Mister could have his own place. He started crawling upon the towels that used to be here when he was a puppy ~ so why not spoil the four-legged with his own alcove and move them out of his way. Sweet boy. 
Kolby loves to fetch. He fetches many things for us, and according to our Trainer it is allowed without a Command so long as the items he fetches are on the ground, and he brings them to you. While Kolby will voluntarily pick up items, he may not always bring them to us. He won't run the opposite direction like we worked our tails off to train Haddie, instead - he will just stay in one spot and wait for you to come to him, then he will Drop without chaos flying. Whew! I like this much better.
As a result, Kolby is actively working on Fetch with non-toy items, because if you throw a ball, or he voluntarily picks up a ball, he will bring it to you. We are working on associating anything in his mouth means Fetch when we say it. He'll get there ... today he wanted to pay our bills, and apparently this one had slipped onto the floor in our den. Good find, Kolby!

Mister is a happy-go-lucky pup in our household. Never really wanting to Sit or Down for too long when he is on a Release, rather he is more content in going from person to person in our household to see what interests him the most. Then he will follow that person around the house until he gets tired of them, and will move onto the next person. His Sits and Downs he saves for his commanded time to relax - when he put him in his tie-out so he can chew his faux stick, or bone. 

It is nice having a mellow puppy to roam the house with us. Glad he is here to stay for another year. 

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