Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Haddie Explores Another City

My son was the rock star on Mother's Day who explored with Haddie. He was so good about getting her up and over and under things throughout our day. She was worn out by the time we made it to dinner.

There were a lot of stairs. A lot!!  They took it at a variety of paces to be sure that Haddie could keep up without lagging or pulling.
There were bridges to go over with trains, automobiles, or water passing underneath. Haddie did not hesitate to get right to the edge and observe life under the bridge.
There were boxes to climb - over 20 spaced in a row. That really wore her out with the jumping on and off to make it fully across. And then other things to jump on or go up continued her mental and physical exercise.
Shade time equals play time ... and quiet time.
Only the best of water for Miss Haddie - a Starbucks Venti. These pictures are cute because they capture the slobber personality of Haddie around water. My girl got cooled off as well. Haddie was amused at the shriek she let out (all in good fun). Notice the dribbles off Haddie's tongue in the last photo of this series.
Lots of walking and exploring. As my son said multiple times: "I am going to be very sad to say goodbye to Haddie." I agreed and tried to console him that we can start over with a new puppy to continue the fun. He responded truthfully, "I know, but it just won't be the same. She is just SO good and we don't know what we'll get next." 
We are embracing every day of this journey with Haddie.

By dinner time she was t-i-r-e-d!! We lucked out with a booth by the window over looking the water. Haddie did not lick or eat any of the french fry scrapes left behind from the previous diners - she was that tired! Opposite from my movie experience. She immediately got herself in a Down and slept her way through the long dinner (they were so busy!).
The added benefit was that we were seated just outside the kitchen; which I normally can not stand and always ask for a different table. But this time I welcomed the placement as it added more traffic, noise, and distraction to her. When she wasn't sleeping, she was eyeballing the activity in front of her nose, but would not lift her head. Obviously, she was worn out.
The relaxing dinner was the perfect ending of our day with Haddie. It was her first experience in a restaurant, and I was fully intending to ignore my family conversations in order to train and stay focused on her. My family knew in advance and was fine with that. But, I didn't have to!! I actually ignored Haddie due to her amazing response to her new environment.
Haddie explored another city and it was so much fun!! Whether she graduates or has a change of career - she will bless her Forever Family with so much love and good behavior.

What a great Mother's Day; my only one with Haddie. Thanks, Girl!!

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  1. WOW, what a great experience. So many new things all in one day! And how cool for your son to get so into it! Awwww and so sweet that he is going to miss Haddie so much. Aw.