Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Haddie's First Movie

One of the To Do Items on Haddie's outing's list that has been gnawing at me for some time has been taking her to the movies. I would agree that I sometimes over think her outings - perhaps setting her up too perfectly for success every time. But I am one that likes a bit of control, so I know part of it is just me.

I decided on a mid-day movie, while all the kids were in school, and the weather was starting to overcast. The movie I chose was only 1 hour, 18 minutes - yes, I looked that part up. Partly because I was on a time constraint to get my two lovies from their school, and partly because ... again ... I wanted to set Haddie up for ultimate success and not overstay her experience.

I bought one ticket for the movie Chimpanzee. The ticket taker smiled at Haddie and let us proceed to our movie room which was dimmed low. We were the only ones in the room. I walked Haddie through the isles before choosing our seat near the top. Soon two ladies joined us, but sat many rows apart. Haddie could hear them talking before the movie started, but could not find them.

She explored while the advertising was moving on the screen creating really the only light for me to see where she was sniffing. Haddie is a great sniffer, so much so that I am going to start adding that find in her monthly reports in case she does not have a fit at CCI, maybe a different organization can use her skills. She will sniff, but she rarely swipes a lick.

Until ...

She found her love at the bottom of the movie house seats. Oh my goodness, I found how much I appreciated all the other millions of times where she has chosen to Watch Her Mouth. This was a real struggle for her today. She was fidgety for the first twenty minutes, obeying about 80% of her Down command, and only about 10% of No Lick!

Eventually she finally gave in and fell asleep on my foot. At least I knew where her mouth was!

But it was a light sleep because every time I might have slightly moved my position (not even my feet) she popped her head up to check in. That was fine, but really she needed to just trust me that we weren't headed out the door unless I actually told her.

At one point I had her do a Lap and it proved to be my favorite moment. She caught the movement of the Chimps on the big screen and her face was very curious and alert. And then, she leaned her head against my head, so we were cheek to cheek as she starrrrrrrrrrrrred at the Chimps on the screen. I kissed her cheek and whispered to her. It was the best Haddie-Moment - she was adorable!

Then it was off and back in a Down until the movie was over. It proved to be a great first movie with all the animals noises from the jungle, and the Chimps. The music was plenty blaring and varied. However, noises have never phased her; this environment had no affect on Haddie either.

We will return for additional movies before she goes off to College. She will need more experience to settle in more quickly, stay in her commanded position, and keep from licking

I'm happy to help in this learning curve with Haddie - watching movies? Sure!

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  1. What a perfect time and movie for her "first"! It's tough on the VPR's sitting through empty theaters and less than desirable movies, but it's worth it in the long run.