Sunday, May 27, 2012

Soccer Tourney With Haddie

My niece is a rock star premier select soccer player and this weekend she is in a local tournament. We enjoyed watching her first game of the season yesterday where she scored a goal for her team! WooHoo!! Way to start the year!
It was a gorgeous day! The complex where the tournament is held is the home field complex where my niece's club resides. It is huge with gorgeous fields and surroundings. What a lucky girl to have this experience to play her passion.
Haddie was our companion and enjoyed the time outside in a new environment. However, there is nothing really to report other than she did fabulously.
I think the one thing that I will miss about Haddie, and not knowing "who" we will get as our next pup, is Haddie's ability to not solicit attention. She truly is a confident girl that does not need others to make her happy.
While she may wag her tail a bit to show her interest in a low crawling kiddo coming her way, she will not move or advance her happy to warrant a correction. I love that; it makes it so easy for me to decide on a Yes or No approach to others, versus having to correct her for moving forward with out approval.
Haddie enjoyed lounging while we enjoyed cheering on our amazing niece. What a joy it is to bring Haddie along to our fun events.


  1. I LOVE the way Haddie is looking at you in the second-to-the-last picture. Such love and trust! What a sweet girl!

  2. What a neat experience... for both your niece and Haddie.