Monday, May 14, 2012

Haddie Rides Trains

I had THE best Mother's Day celebration yesterday! The weather was a beautiful 80 degree day which made me whip out my list of places to go that I've been waiting to take Haddie since the day she arrived.
I have always wanted to take her to this town down South that has a light rail transport system through their fun city, but I've always wanted to do it with my hubby the photographer, and my side kick trainers my kiddos. Which meant weekends only. Yesterday was the day!
Haddie got on and off the train with out a problem; she Minded The Gap just fine. She settled into a Sit or Down position as instructed and then did not move. Until the train moved.
She was a little unsure at first - breaking her commands with a stand here and there, but luckily figured out it was much the same as our car and settled into a comfortable ride.
Recently, our Trainer has introduced the small toy feature of training with all of her classes. Apparently once the pups return for Advanced Training they will be getting small toy rewards to break up the food rewards. The idea is that they get a moment to "play" with their tiny toy that lightly squeeks, but does not bounce or go crazy in public. A stress reliever of sorts.
We purchased a lil'monkey and a lil'pig for Haddie's small toy reward and tried it out on the light rail and through out our day yesterday. I had tried this months ago while she was in a vest in public and she wouldn't play, she just sat there and stared at me as if I had lost my mind. Play??? I'm working!!!
Yesterday she got the concept and her tail went crazy with wiggles while she held her toy until I commanded her to Drop it in my hand. I think we both will love this new training feature!
There was a father with his young son that sat directly in front of us, and thankfully Haddie chose to mind her own business and not play with the straps of their backpacks, or their heels in flip flops.
We rode the light rail to the end and then sat while the driver walked to the opposite side of the train to drive us back to where we came from. It was just enough time to get Haddie to settle in and show no signs of worry before choosing to get off at the mid-way point.
The rest of the day was just as fantastic as Haddie showed off her rock star skills of going with the flow and minding her manners as we wandered the city and had dinner at a restaurant. Lots of fun to post on another day as Haddie and I want some Frisbee time in the sun before my piano teaching begins.

Yippppppie ... Haddie Rides Trains!

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  1. WOW, what a neat experience- a train ride! So cool. And how neat about the toy concept in training. That's so cool you guys have that option.