Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Haddie loves water

We will be buying a kid-sized, puppy-proof swimming pool for Haddie shortly. This girl loves the water from the first day we brought her home on that hot August afternoon. She started off drinking her water this way in the house, but thankfully I was able to break that habit quickly. It was a mess!

Now she drinks her water this way outside only. I'm not sure if this is a positive trait to have, but she has to have some fun while doing all her strenuous training expectations. We get splash-zone play after she's run the yard with her ball. Panting and tuckered out she splashes her way into cool down.
I can not wait for that swimmin' pool. I imagine she will be a sloppy, happy mess!!!  Too cute.


  1. she STILL looks just like Hobart... it's amazing.I'll have to say she's a little better looking though ;)

  2. Elijah - I totally agree they look identical - it would be so fun to see them together. =)