Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sounds Like ...

Have you ever tried this? Say a word that sounds like a command and see if your PIT reacts to the command? The reaction can be comical.
Now that Haddie is consistent in knowing her commands I tried the Switch-A-Roo on her. Every morning we have 1:1 time during our grooming session secured in our closed laundry room. Daily cradle time equals teeth brushing, and hair brushing, and once a week ear cleaning - we get it all done before we start the day. Then, it is a work on the series of commands that we can accomplish in our dinky laundry room.

Sit. Down. Shake. Roll. Stand. Heel. Side. Back. Turn. Up. Visit. Wait.
I scramble them up so the order is never the same, and sometimes I leave some out.

But yesterday I instead of Down I said, "Doughnut", "Daisy", "Daffy" ... and Haddie didn't move from her Sit, but sometimes would twitch like she thought a Down was coming. It was funny. Then I said Down and she responded correctly.

I think it is a sign that she knows the word.
Her eyes are so expressive!! I love how much you can see this cutie think while waiting for her toy, or a command, or a treat, or her food bowl. Her chocolate eyes melt me. And her cute head - how it tilts when she is processing the words is that typical Lab adorable way.

Sounds Like .... yep, I love Haddie!!!


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