Tuesday, June 25, 2013

An Honest Boy

Per placement of his birth order, Kolby was born into a light pink ribbon for his collar. It did not surprise me then to see him handling this Hannah Montana Chair. He is an honest boy - tough and secure in his boyhood.
I think this is our remaining chair for hanging out on our driveway this summer; the rest of our more appropriately sized and styled ones are in our RV. I grabbed this after our walk to observe the fascinating game of Frisbee and Kickball from our neighborhood school-aged gang.
I would like to say that we had a great training session about leaving bouncing balls and flying frisbees alone as they were hurled to us with an overshot kick or throw. But I must admit that Kolby did not even flinch, lunge, or budge toward any of the kids or equipments movements. It was too easy. No training for Kolby needed.
So then I thought I had to do something in the form of training, and I got off this tiny Hannah Montana chair I had been sitting upon and allowed Kolby to crawl on. He is notorious for getting On Top of things. For example:
Yes, the dryer door. The concept was for him to go Under, but he chose On. And of course, being a Puppy Raiser that has to snap every comical error of puppy, I had him hold that Sit until I grabbed my camera and came back for this shot. I am very thankful the door did not pop off.
Back to the chair - yes, this too was a no-brainer for Kolby. He put his two front paws on followed by his two back paws, figured out the chair was a wee-bit tiny to Sit, and immediately curled up into a Down. He stayed until I told him it was time to get Off.

I love Kolby. He truly is such an adventurous puppy.
He also helped me roll in our garbage cans. Right alongside me - as I was walking  backwards pulling one can, he was walking sideways trying to copy me walking backwards. I wish I had a video for that! He is just stinkin' adorable.

An Honest Boy is born into a light pink collar and can enjoy relaxing on a toddler Hannah Montana chair.

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  1. I gotta say I literally laughed out loud at the picture of Kolby on the dryer door. He is too cute!