Monday, June 17, 2013

Genealogy of Kolby

The K Litter siblings have a fun network on Facebook and four of the six puppies keep in daily contact with one another. We are missing two of the boys who landed in the Chicago area, but we are hopeful that sometime within the next eighteen months they will join our connection.

We are fortunate that one of the siblings, Kira, lives with a Puppy Raiser who is an amazing photographer. Every day there is a new picture of something that Kira is doing - whether that is a funny pose, or just her usual adorableness captured - it is nice to see great photos of a black puppy and dream that maybe we could rise to that level of skill on a daily basis.

There are three black puppies in the litter, and they all look identical. Even though Kolby is a boy and the other two are female, they look so much alike! I am curious if the two yellow boys in Chicago look just like their yellow sister. I soooo hope they join our group to find out ...

Not only do the puppy's look alike, but the stories we share are usually followed with, "Sounds just like (insert your puppy's name).", or "Oh, (insert your puppy's name) does the exact same thing!". It really is amazing how much these puppies are matching in looks and personality; especially the personality part since they are being raised "all over" and no one is within Field Trip nor Puppy Play Date distance of one another.

Kira's Puppy Raiser put this awesome Genealogy together and I just love it!! If any readers have a connection to our Special K's group - add a comment to this post. Just pretend the title says KOLBY but the pictures can stay the same; he looks just like Kira. Click on the photo to see an enlarged copy.


  1. Isn't it amazing how litter mates, regardless of interaction, look and act so similar!? I am finding that out with some of Romeo's litter and my past pups too! :)